Please take a moment to read our reviews that have kindly been written by other homeowners of whom we've purchased real estate from in the past few years.

Our hope is that your words will be here in the future because that means we've successfully worked with you to create a solution where we all benefit.

Troy Skillen and his wife are the best people we have met. They helped us through the hard times and saw us through. They are good people to work with.

Roy and Colleen Weagley

With all the difficulties relative to the financial institutions holding my mortgages, there were several days that I though a solution couldn't be found. Rachel was able to fully explain to me the steps required to come to a resolution and the time required as well. Her positive attitude and well timed humor made what first appeared to be a no win situation, turn into positive results for all.

Dave McElroy

The service I received for my transaction was excellent, very professional, and with great communication. It could not have been handled more efficient. I was treated with respect and compassion by both Troy and Rachel.

April McGehee

Rachel and Troy , I want to express my heart-felt gratitude for the way you helped my wife and I get out of a bad situation. We were in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and were trying very hard to work our way out of it. It wasn't easy, but we wanted to pay off our creditors. We fell behind again and the mortgage company threatened foreclosure. I got a personal letter in the mail from Troy and Rachel stating that they could help us with our situation. I contacted them and explained our situation and they were very personable and set up a meeting. We invited them over to our house and we all sat down and went over my dilemma. They told us our situation wasn't unique. They paid our back taxes that were late and even paid our overdue water bill. This was a generous offer that I couldn't refuse. They were truthful in every aspect of the process. They were up front about what it would take and worked feverishly to accomplish what was agreed upon. The mortgage company decided to stop the foreclosure after Rachel and Troy assured them that we had a deal to sell them the house. We signed a contract with Rachel and Troy to finalize the transaction and they promised us a fair amount of money that we could make on the house. When the time came for settlement they presented my wife and I with a check that was more than the previous offer! We were satisfied with the offer and recommend anybody that is in a situation that is similar to ours, not to give up and let foreclosure blemish his or her record. Help is available and for us it came in the form of Troy and Rachel. We are deeply indebted to them for ALL the help that was given and the very generous offer we received. Than you from the bottom of our hearts and may God bless you richly, you deserve it.

Ivan and Debi M.

We were in a difficult financial situation and no one would help us out. One day we received a letter from Rachel and Troy. We decided to give them a call. They helped us out when no one else would.

They were very understanding to our situation and handled everything. They traveled to us from Frederick whenever documents needed signed or they needed paperwork from us. They did what ever was convenient for us. They dealt with our mortgage company, which was a difficult task most of the time.

Rachel and Troy always went that extra mile to help us. They were the best couple to work with.

Rob and Jennifer Bell

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Martin Tyler. I just wanted everyone out there to know that dealing with Troy and Rachel was a very enjoyable experience. I would recommend them to everyone who wants to sell their home.

Martin Tyler